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The paragraphs given below will give you a brief description about each KTS Services.

Product Design Services  

Building Software Products of high quality is our passion. We strive our level best for making high quality products. For making this happen we have a well defined Software process which is tailored from the standard Software Engineering Life cycle. Our own tested and proven reusable Project Frameworks ensures that the project will complete on time and will reduce the project cost. More Info  

IT Training  

KTS InfoTech is always committed in giving high quality IT solutions to our clients. In Training scenario also this is not an exception. With years of IT Training experience, we have developed Computer Assisted Tutorial CDs which will help you in learning a package within a few hours of time. The important feature of these Tutorial CDs are its real time video tutorials which will show you how to do a specific task in a certain package such as VC++. Please go through these videos patiently to learn the package. All videos and their corresponding source code are also included in the Tutorial CDs . More Info

Custom Software Solutions 

KTS InfoTech offers Custom Software Solutions to help our clients meet their specific business needs. Our expertise lies in clearly perceiving the business goals of our customers, choosing the most appropriate technology and efficiently designing and developing solutions that cater to the business needs identified. We build custom solutions for all business types. Our service ensures you quality, consistency and timely delivery within your budget. More Info

  Digital Signage Solutions

KTS Launched the New Digital Signage Software Technology Product KTS InfoMate into the market catering to the needs of various organizations and advertisement agencies. Basically the product can be used for managing all the aspects of Digital Signage Systems which includes, Content Management, Monitoring the Displays More

Research and Development Services

Taking an idea form concept to reality sometimes requires a lot of research and development activities which a normal company may not be able to afford in terms of the developmental effort and cost. With years of software product development and research experince,  KTS can help you in this scenario by  executing your outsourced R & D works with a well defined plan and milestone. More

All In One Place Solutions

All In One Place is an Online Storage Software Technology solution to arrange and access all your organizations important information from one place using our cloud based software technology infrastructure. This software infrastructure allows any organization to build their own private online storage infrastructure at fraction of the cost compared to any other online storage services offered by any other Vendor. More

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