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We at KTS InfoTech are always committed to give high quality IT solutions to our clients. In IT Education stream too this is no more an exception. With years of IT Training experience, we have developed Computer Assisted Tutorial CDs which will help you in learning a package within a few hours of time. The important feature of these Tutorial CDs are its real time video tutorials which will show you how to do a specific task in a certain package such as VC++. It is only a matter of watching these videos patiently to learn the package. The corresponding source code of all videos are also included in the Tutorial CD s.  We are specialized in C++, VC++, Java and .NET Technologies. All our tested and proven Computer assisted Education CD Tutorials  are available online in the Products session. We also conduct workshops / corporate training based on these tutorials. You can expect a detailed explanation for all the concepts covered in these tutorials.

Generally, the topics covered in all the tutorial CDs are...

  • Familiarisation with the development environment.
  • Object oriented programming fundamentals such as Inheritance,   polymorphism etc.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) programming tutorials.
  • Database programming tutorials.
  • Network Programming tutorials. 
  • Multithreading programming tutorials.
  • Creating Active X COM control tutorials (only in VC++ CDs)
  • Basics of ASP.NET web programming (Only in .NET CDs)

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