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Managing  a Job Recruitment process and screening of Applicants is always going to be a time consuming task. The HR Professionals in the companies are having a really difficult time sometimes to recruit the correct professional who is suitable for that particular job. KTS Can assist you with streamlining the recruitment process by automating the Workflow for that specific Job using our Off-The-Shelf Software KTS WebCloud , an All In One Place Online Business Application Platform that can automate multiple workflows including Job Recruitment Workflow. The typical workflow steps include.

1. Create the Question Bank and Exam Workflow with Multiple Rounds.
2. Creating the Job Recruitment with SEO | Social Media Friendly Web Page with a Custom Application Form which the Prospective Candidates can fill it out. Attach an Exam Workflow with this Application Form.
3. The Candidate will get an E Mail which will have links to the Online Assessment Exam.
4. Once the Candidates submits the Online Exam Form , the notification will automatically go to the HR Admin.
5. The HR will automatically get an E Mail with Exam results which he can forward it to the Interviewer.  
6. The HR Can Sort as well Group the candidates based on the Job Title and can export the Exam Results.

You can get the details of the Off-The-Shelf Online Exam Solution form the link

We Provide Custom Online Exam , Survey and other related Solutions to different types of organizations including schools and colleges.

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