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Developing a Product that suits to every customers requirement is a dream of every company . But in practice this not the case . This is because the requirement keeps on changing and company will find it really difficult to incorporate the changes in short time span at an affordable cost. This is where the Addin | Plugin Technology framework comes into picture. With years of experience in developing different types of Software Product Frameworks with Plugin Architecture support, we at KTS mastered the art of developing Software Product Framework with Plugin Architecture Extensibility support.

Please see one of our Product KTS SalesMate + POS Software with Plugin Architecture support from this link product initially released on 2006 and had incorporated all the business requirements which the customers has asked with minimal effort by developing suitable plugins.

We also develop Plugins for other applications which include

1. MS Word | Excel | Power Point | Outlook Plugins
2. Visual Studio Plugins
3. Photoshop Plugins
4. 3D Studio Max Plugins
5. NS3 Plugins
6. DirectX Filter

We are also the masters in Operating System Device Driver Development . The device drivers developed include.

1. Network | NDIS | WFP | Device Device Drivers
2. Monolithic | Unidrv | PScript Printer Device Drivers
3. USB | 133 1394 Firewire | PCI Device Drivers
4. File System Drivers
5. Virtual Device Drivers

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