Technology and Domain Areas
Listed Below are some of Technologies and domain areas in which KTS had worked for others and for their own products in the past
Listed Below are some of Technologies and domain areas in which KTS had worked for other customers and for their own products in the past.

Development Tools

C/C++ , Parallel C++


Java , VB.NET


Unix C++

Visual Studio


Net beans

SVN | GIT | Tortoise

Bugzilla | WebCloud

VB Script/ JavaScript

Shell Script


Flash Action Script

QT C++


Technologies and Domain Areas

Embedded System Development , Embedded Linux,Raspberry PI Board

iPhone, Android, Windows Phone Application Development

Device Driver Development

Computer Interfacing | Robotics | Stepper Motors | Motion Controllers | ROS

Computer Game Application Development , Kinect Application Development

DirectX / OpenGL Application Development, PhyX, GPU, CUDA, Unity 3D , Unreal Engine

Parallel Processing, OpenMP

Artificial Intelligence , Neural Networks , Pattern Recognition, Deep Learning | TensorFlow

Network Protocols Development , TCP/IP, SNMP, Network Management

Video Streaming , Encoder Cards, H 264, MPEG 4, AVI, FFMPEG, ActiveX, ATL|COM

HTTP, ISAPI,  ASP.NET|MVC | .NET Core , PHP, REST|SOAP, Web Services, WebAPI, gSOAP, XML| JSON , SignalR , WebRTC , WebAPI, Xamarin

Optical Networks , SDH,  SONET , Optical Packet Routing

NET Framework , Mono Framework, ERP, ECommerce, Paypal , Stripe , PayuMoney , Razor , Block chain, Bitcoin , Ethreum

XCode, Cocoa, Carbon Frameworks

DSP, Digital Image Processing | Computer Vision | Object Tracking |  Imaging | MatLab | OpenCV, AForge.NET

Design Patterns and Plug-in Frameworks , MS Office Plugins, MS Outlook Plugins, Visual Studio Plugins, Browser Plugins, Photoshop Plugins, 3DS Max Plugin

GCC, GDB, gprof , Makefile, Vi Editor, SSH, Telnet , AutoIT

MS Access , SQL Server ,MySQL  Posgress SQL, SQLite , ObjectStore

IoT , Cloud , MQTT , REST| JSON , Distributed Systems, P2P

Financial Tradings Apps | TradeStation | Easy language | Trading Charts

Electronics & Communication | Serial Port, Parallel Port, USB, Firewire, GPIO, GPIB, HDMI, Ethernet, Bluetooth , Wireless

OpenCL , Parallel Architectures and Parallel Processing | OpenMP

Theoretical Computer Science | Mathematics | Physics | Statistics | Big Data | Hadoop

Wireless Technologies | Photonics |
Optical Networking

Instrumentation | DAQ | Labview |

 STEM Software Solutions


Operating Systems

Windows , Azure Cloud , AWS

Unix / Linux/ Android/Raspberry PI

Apple OS, iOS, Macintosh

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