VideoManager + Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is VideoManager +?


VideoManager + is an inexpensive and complete software package for video lending and selling shops.


2) What all types of business this software is suitable for?


This software is ideal for renting as well as selling any types of medias (like cassette, VCD, DVD etc) and other items related to videos like (VCD player, VCR, Generator etc).


3) Which all Operating systems VideoManager + will run?


VideoManager + will run on all the 32/64 bit windows Operating system families (Windows9X/NT/Me/2000/XP/Vista).


4) What will be the minimum resolution which VideoManager + supports ?




5) Where can I find the latest version of VideoManager +?


You can find the latest version of VideoManager + in .


6) What is the prerequisite before installing VideoManager +?


Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 4.01( with DCOM) or later should be installed in the system. For system other than Windows 95, this is automatically installed when we install the Operating system.


7) How do I install VideoManager +?


You can install VideoManager + either directly from the CD we provide for installation or can download setup files from the internet and click on the setup application.


8) Which is the main data file of VideoManager +?


Main data file of VideoManager +  is VideoManager .mdb. This is a Microsoft Access 2000 database file which contains all the information specific to the Video Library entered. This is the most important file of VideoManager +.


9) How can I restore database file of VideoManager +?


You can restore a specific database of VideoManager + by clicking on the File ->Restore Data  menu. Please note that only database specific to VideoManager + will be opened.


10) How can I backup the database file of VideoManager +?


You can take the backup of VideoManager + by clicking on the File -> Backup Data  menu.


11) Can I automatically backup the database?


Yes, you can automatically backup the VideoManager + Database by enabling the Automatic backup option from the Default settings menu.


12) How can I set the offer?


You can set the offer from the Setup ->Offers  menu.


13) Can I set custom offer specific to the customer and the Video Shop?


Yes,  you can set the custom offer other than provided in the Setup-> Offers menu by developing VideoManager + plugins using the exposed COM Interface functions. Please contact us for more details.


14) How can I apply my business logic in VideoManager +?


You can configure VideoManager + from Setup Menu as well as you can extend the capability of VideoManager + (by developing VideoManager + plugins). The plugin modules are optional. You can either enable or disable this capability by using the Setup ->Default Settings ->Addin Manage tab.


15) Can I set the currency specific to a country?


Yes,  you can set the currency from the Setup ->Country Settings ->Currency.


16) Can I set the privileges for different users?


Yes, you can set the privileges as well as create a new user from the Setup->Administration menu. For doing this, you should have administrative privileges.


17) Can I bypass login screen?


Yes,  you can bypass the login screen from the Setup->Default settings menu. For doing this, you should have administrative privileges.


18) While issuing videos a message box appears for renewing membership of customer. If you press 'yes' then the customer details dialog box appears but the membership expiration date field is not seen. Why?


This is due to the fact that you put the membership type Default settings -> Preference page as life time.Change the membership type as to a specified date.


19) What is the default login name and password of VideoManager +?


Default login name : admin
Password: administrator


20) How can I print the receipts in DOS Mode (Continuous mode)?


You can print the document in the DOS Mode by enabling the Print Receipts Continuously mode from the Setup ->Default settings->Print Settings page menu.


21) What are the prerequisite before printing in continuous mode (DOS Mode)?


The prerequisite for printing in DOS mode are Set the default receipt printer name/port from Setup ->Default settings->Print Settings page menu.
Install a default printer driver. If the default printer driver is not installed the printing will not work  correctly.Check whether the paper source setup is correct in the printer before printing. If the paper source  is not setup correctly,  printing will not work correctly.


22) How can I set the default receipt printer?


You can set the default receipt printer using Setup ->Default settings->Print Settings page ->Default Receipt Printer name.


23) How can I customize the rental /sales receipts?


You can customize the rental/sales receipts using Setup ->Default settings->Print Settings page ->Report and Receipt settings option.


24) How Can I bypass print dialog box?


You can bypass the print dialog box by enabling bypass print dialog box mode from the Setup ->Default settings->Print Settings page menu.


25) Can I send E mail through this software ?


Yes, you can send E mail through this software. E mail messages such asgreetings, defaulters list,   personal E mail, new film list etc can be automatically created and send through this software within seconds to thousands of customers.


26) How Can I set the mail server address?


You can set the mail server address by using Setup ->Default settings->Preferences page->Server address.


27) Can I rent items other than Videos?


Yes, you can rent items other than videos from the MiscTrans menu.


28) How can I set the picture folder of the customer?


You can set the picture folder of the Customer by using Setup ->Default settings->Preferences page->Set Picture folder path options. Please note that if you Networked VideoManager + application, you have to set the Network computer name+ share folder +path name. 
Eg : \\ComputerName\Pic.


29) How can I reconfigure the settings of VideoManager +?


You can reconfigure the settings either by going through each settings menu or running the Setup->Setup Wizard.


30) What is the limitation of the Trial version of VideoManager + ?


Trial version is fully functional except that it will function only for 25 days. After that, you need to register to proceed further. You can use this software for evaluation purpose only.


31) How can I make the Trial  version of VideoManager +fully functional?


Register VideoManager + through our web site

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