SalesMate + Frequently Asked Questions

What is SalesMate+?
SalesMate+ is an inexpensive and complete point of sale software package for all kinds of shops and business firms. 
What all types of business enterprises can use this software?   
This Software is suitable for all types of business environments, sales transactions as well as services. You can also track all kinds of income and expense, Add customers, can allow credit if needed and is flexible according to your own needs.
•  What are the main facilities and options in sales mate+?  
Sales mate+ facilitates full inventory and customer tracking, provisions for conducting sales as well as services, provision for setting category wise selling price, printing Various types of reports and customized bills, information about re-orders, back-up & restore data option, different levels of Security, Bar code reader and other POS hardware support, product customization using COM Plug-in technology. 
•  Which all Operating systems SalesMate+ will run?  
SalesMate+ will run on all the 32 bit windows Operating system families (Windows9X/NT/Me/2000/XP/Vista). It should certainly work in 64 bit Windows OS without any problem although not tested. 
•  What will be the minimum resolution which SalesMate+ supports?   
Our software will very smoothly work on 1024*768 pixel resolution.
•  Where can I find the latest version of SalesMate+?
You can find the latest version of SalesMate+ on or at 
•  What are the prerequisites before installing SalesMate+?
Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 4.01(with DCOM) or later should be installed in the system. For system other than Windows 9x, this is automatically installed when we install the Operating system. Also ensure that MDAC 2.6 is installed in your machine.
•  How do I install SalesMate +?
You can install SalesMate+ either directly from the CD we provided for installation or download setup files from the internet and click on the setup application.
•  Which is the main data file of SalesMate +?
Main data file of SalesMate+ is SalesMatePlus.mdb. This is a Microsoft Access 2000 database file which contains the entire information specific to the Shop entered. This is the most important file of SalesMate+.Same is the case If you are using SQL Server as your database (with different file name and extension).
•  How can I restore database file of SalesMate+?       
You can restore data of SalesMate+ by clicking on the File -> Restore Data.Please note that only database specific to SalesMate+ will be opened.
•  How can I backup the database file of SalesMate+?  
You can take the backup of SalesMate+ by clicking on the File -> Backup database.
•  Can I automatically backup the database?
Yes, you can automatically backup the SalesMate+ Database by enabling the automatic backup option from Setup->Default Settings->General Settings. Also set the backup path using BROWSE Button. 
•  What do I do if my database is lost or corrupted?
There is a provision for backing up the data of Sales mate+ database. If you use this option then you can restore it by clicking on the File -> Restore Data thereby restoring the previous data. 
•  Can I connect this software through internet and work as remote login terminal?    
Yes, you can connect and work as a remote terminal user with a centralized database. 
•  How can I set the Stock Type? 
You can set the Stock Type from the Setup ->Stock Type Master.
•  How can I set the Service? 
You can set the Service from the Setup ->Service Master.
•  How can I set the Category? 
You can set the Category from the Setup ->Category Master.
•  How can I set the Miscellaneous Item? 
You can set the Miscellaneous Item from the Setup ->Miscellaneous Item Master.
•  How can I set the Method of Payment? 
You can set the Method of payment from the Setup ->Method of Payment.
•  Can I set the currency specific to a country? 
Yes you can set the currency from the Setup -> Currency Symbol.
•  Can I set the privileges for different user?
Yes, you can set the privilege as well as creating new user from the Setup->Manage Users. For doing this you should have administrative privileges.
•  Can I bypass login screen?
You can bypass the login screen from the Setup->Default settings->General Settings. For doing this you should have administrative privileges.
•  What is default login name of SalesMate+? 
Default login name and password is admin.
•  How Can I print the receipts in DOS Mode (Continuous mode)?
You can print the document in the DOS Mode by enabling the Print Receipts Continuously mode from the Setup ->Default settings->Print Settings.
What are the prerequisites before printing in continuous mode (DOS Mode)?
The prerequisites for printing in DOS mode are:
Set the default receipt printer name/port from Setup ->Default settings->Print Settings.
Install a default printer driver. If the default printer driver is not installed the printing will not work correctly.
Check the paper source setup is correct in the printer before printing. Please note that if the paper source is not setup correctly, Printing will not work correctly.
How can I set the default receipt printer?
You can set the default receipt printer using Setup ->Default settings->Print Settings ->Default Receipt Printer name.
How can I customize the Receipt and Report?
You can customize the receipts and report using Setup ->Default settings->Print Settings page ->Receipt settings Option/Report Settings Options.
How Can I bypass print dialog box?
You can bypass the print dialog box by enabling bypass print dialog box mode from the Setup ->Default settings->Print Settings page.
How Can I Use Enter Key in this Application?
You can use Enter key by selecting Use Enter Key for Easier Navigation from Setup->Default Settings->Preference Settings.
How Can I give default Membership Fee and Security Deposit?
By giving Membership Fee and Security Deposit in Setup->Default Settings->Preference Settings
Can I include income or expense other than sales and transaction?
You can include items other than sales and transaction from Setup->Miscellaneous Item Master.
How Can I set the picture folder of the customer?
You can set the picture folder of the Customer by using Setup ->Default settings->Preferences Settings->Set Picture Folder Options. Please note that if you Networked SalesMate+ application, you have to set the Network computer name+ share folder +path name.  
Eg: \\ComputerName\Pic    
•  How Can I conduct a sales checkout? 
You can conduct sales from Sales->Sales Checkout and produce Bill.
•  How Can I conduct a Transaction? 
You can conduct sales transactions from Transaction->Add Transactions and print Bill if needed. 
How Can I re configure the settings of SalesMate+?
You can reconfigure the settings either by going through each settings menu or running the Setup->Setup Wizard.
What are the different Editions of SalesMate + ?
The two main editions of our pos software are:
1. SalesMate + Starter Edition (Free).
2. SalesMate + Enterprise Edition

Also different multilingual editions and OEM versions of this software will be available in the days to come.
What are the differences between SalesMate+ Enterprise and Starter Edition?
Starter Edition is a stripped down version of the Enterprise Edition. Starter edition is free and is ideally suited for most of your needs. 
What is new in the enterprise edition of salesMate+?
The new enterprise Edition of Sales mate+ includes Bar code reader ,other POS hardware support etc. 
Is SalesMate + available for evaluation purpose?
The enterprise Edition of SaleMate + is available for 60 days evaluation. After that time period the software will be automatically downgraded to starter edition if you didn’t register within this time. 
How can I Upgrade SalesMate + Starter Edition to SalesMate + Enterprise Edition?
Purchase a full version of SalesMate + by registering the product by using the Help->Register menu. 
How do I register SalesMate +?
From the Help->Register the user can register SalesMate + product. Purchase the registration key from KTS InfoTech and enter registration details in this dialog. The registration name will be automatically updated in the shop name. Normally the registration key is generated for the given shop name. Use this exact registration name and key. All the bills printed will have this Registration name/Shop name. 
How long I can use this software? Does it have any time limitation?
You can use this software as long as you need it. There is no time limitation once you register this product. You can also continue to use the starter edition of the software but some of its functionalities (as in the enterprise edition) will be disabled.

Do you offer technical support?
Yes, we offer technical support for premium (paid) customers. When you purchase the software, you will receive free technical support through phone and Email. Also visit or for free updates and bug fixes.

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