Quick Facts About KTS
Year of Incorporation
Area of Specialization :
Outsourced Software Development, Software Product Engineering, Custom Software Solutions,R&D Services and IT Training.
Major Technology Specialization
Desktop Application Development, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Networking Applications Development, SNMP Applications Development, Engineering Related software Solutions, Plug-in Development, Device Driver Development, Graphics Programming. To see the complete list of tools and technologies we have worked on, click here.
Number Of Employees  
20 + , all are good English speaking graduates or post graduates in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Physics or Mathematics. 
Number of IT Projects
More than 400 + IT Projects Executed in different technology areas in Desktop , Web, Mobile and  Embedded . Technology areas includes the latest IoT , AI and Cloud. To see some of the important projects executed at KTS, click Here.
Number of Customers
More than 1000 + customers from different market segments all over the world including US, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Greece, India etc for our Products and Services.
Number of Products in the Market
20 + , some of the products incorporates our own Patent Pending Technologies.


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