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KTS VideoManager +
VideoManager + : - Video Rental Software

 Video Manager + is an inexpensive software package for video rental stores. This video rental software not only helps to rent and sell video CD but also can be extended to suit the particular needs of customers. The user friendliness of this video rental software ensures that you need little or no training to use it. Only a basic understanding of windows is needed. More Info

 Quick Links

Click Here to launch the Product Overview Video

Click Here to Download the free evaluavtion version of the Software

Click Here to go to the Frequently asked Questions page about the software

Click Here to Go to Support/Forum Page Click Here to go directly to the Software Product website Goto Enquiry page

Evaluation version of the software will run for 30 days. After the evaluation period, some of the functionality will get disabled. You need to Purchase ( Register ) the software to make it fully functional. Once you purchased the software we will send you the registration name and key which will make the software fully functional after the evaluation period.

Cost of the software is 150 USD. Purchase the software from the appropriate link below.

Go to the Buy now web page

If you are a customer from India, click here the buy the software

If you are customer from Outside India, click here to buy the software

This video rental software has provisions for renting with flexible rates, taxes and membership. Using this  software user can generate and print various types of useful reports. Provisions is also there for renting items other than videos like VCD, VCR, Generator by this video rental software.

Main Features  

» Flexible rates, taxes, membership , reservation charge, late charge, offers.

» Point of sales module.

» Various types of reports.

» Automatic E mailing to selected customers informations like Due list,    greetings, new film list etc.

» Management of preorders.

» Option for connecting any type of bar code scanner.

» Product customization using Plug in technology.

» File backup/restore and compacting the database.

» Printing in windows and DOS mode.

» Network Ready, software will work with multiple terminals.

» Customer photographs.

» Security ie different privileges for employers to see and update the data.

» Printable Manuel.

» Provisions for renting items other than videos (Like VCD, VCR, Generator).

» Tracking of all the income, expenses, asset and liabilities.